VMworld 2012, Day 1 – Sessions

After the opening keynote session, I immediately headed over to the Hang Space.  This is such a cool concept for the conference.  Great place to kick back, take a break, catch up with folks, meet new ones, watch the events on the big screen or catch the Cube and Community interviews and Tech Talks.  The Tech Talks are a fantastic idea.  The #vBrownBag crew (Cody Bunch, Josh Atwell, Alastair Cooke, Nick Marshall and Damian Karlson) have organized and powered the Tech Talks, part of which consist of the Lightening Talks.  This is an opportunity for anyone to take the stage to present their rejected VMworld session (or any VMware topic) in 15 minutes or less.  What a great idea!  I was able to catch a couple of these today and thought this was such a valuable addition to the whole VMworld experience this year.  Of course I grabbed my required #vBrownBag brown bag filled with all kinds of goodies including the coveted “USB Stick of Awesomeness”.  Sure to be one of the better pieces of swag this year.

I also managed to squeeze in a number of sessions today:

  • Architecting a Cloud Infrastructure (#INF-VSP1168)Chris Colotti, David Hill, Aidan Dalgleish, Rawlinson Rivera, Duncan Epping

We’re new to the cloud computing space so this was a good session to get exposed to the design and architecture of a solid cloud infrastructure.  Much of this went over my head but great to hear advice straight from some of the giants of cloud infrastructure design.

  • How to Achieve Optimized and Virtualized Business  Critical Applications (#SPO3339)Vaughn Stewart, David Korsunsky, Bart Falzarano

Being a NetApp customer, this was good for an overview on NetApp’s data efficiency solutions, along with its integration with VMware and a customer case study thrown in for good validation.

  • Ask the Expert vBloggers (#INF-VSP1504)Rick Scherer, Chad Sakac, Frank Denneman, Duncan Epping and Scott Lowe

This was a fun session.  These guys are all well-known on the blogging scene – all but Rick have blogs in the top 5 according to Eric Siebert’s vsphere-land.com.  They were all very candid in their responses regarding the technical (even troubleshooting issues) as well as the non-technical (how has being a super blogger changed your life/career?).  Very informative and ever so entertaining.

  • Become a Rock Star with PowerCLI and vCenter Orchestrator (#INF-VSP1856)Josh Atwell

Another informative and entertaining session with first-time VMworld speaker Josh Atwell.  He is incredibly active in the VMware and Cisco communities and is one of the driving forces behind the #vBrownBag community.  This session was great as it was a purely vendor neutral how-to session around automation using PowerCLI and vCenter Orchestrator.  Great tips with a bit of fun thrown in, including a proud Dad moment – taping the audience wishing his three year old son Happy Birthday.  How great is that!

  • vSphere 5 Storage Best Practices (#INF-STO2980)Vaughn Stewart and Chad Sakac

Vaughn and Chad have been doing this session for the past several years and is a VMworld favorite.  Two great personalities from opposing vendors on one stage to discuss storage best practices in as vendor neutral manner as they can.  It’s always entertaining watching them tap dance and sometimes slip in their jabs at each other, but it’s all in good fun as the two highly respect each other . Very informative with such great information for me to carry back.  Will definitely review the session notes on this one!

After the sessions, I managed to make it to a couple vendor after-hours events and then back to the hotel for an early night.  I was feeling a little under the weather so this was a nice relief.  Back up early again tomorrow.


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