My name is Brian Trainor and I’m an IT veteran with more than 20 years of experience in critical technology roles, including enterprise server administration, data center management, infrastructure and operations management, and virtual infrastructure design. I am currently working as a cloud and virtualization engineer for Syntax, a managed services provider in RTP, NC.

My passion in IT is squarely within cloud and virtual infrastructure.  For the last decade, I have been immersed in designing, building, and managing virtual environments, and more recently, cloud services.  I started working with VMware solutions during the days of ESX 3.5 when I built out the first virtual servers for my employer.  Since then, I have had the privilege of having a front row seat as virtualization has matured, become the standard in the data center, and has paved the way to the cloud.

Outside of tech, I’m a Christ follower, proud husband and Dad, avid reader, outdoors lover, rock n’ roll buff, space geek, and WWII history nerd.


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