#vBrownBag Wednesdays

I’m super excited about VMworld!  Fueling that excitement has been taking part in the Wednesday night vBrownBags hosted by Cody Bunch and team over at professionalvmware.com.  The guys are currently running through the VCAP5-DCA Exam Blueprint, which is motivating me to start studying for my first VCAP!  The community around these vBrownBags is awesome to say the least.  So much that I’m a little intimidated to jump in, but these guys have a blast, they spur and encourage each other, and they know their stuff!  Obviously, a great community to jump into!

Tonight’s presentation was VCAP5-DCA Blueprint Objectives 1.2 and 1.3, presented by Hersey Cartwright.  I was overwhelmed by how much was still so new to me.  Great job by Hersey and this followed last week’s awesome session by Josh Atwell running through the VCAP5-DCA Objective 8.1.  Good stuff and some fun announcements about VMworld.

Hersey gave some great links to VCAP study aids.  I’m going to list them off here since I’ll need an easy point of reference when I start studying for my VCAP5-DCA.

VCAP5-DCA Study Checklist – @chriswahl 
vExperienced – @egrigson 
The SaffaGeek – @greggrobertson5
VirtualLanger – @jaslanger
VALCO Labs – @joshcoen

Some great links by some very solid and well respected contributors in the community.  Thanks guys.

Ok, time to study!!


2 thoughts on “#vBrownBag Wednesdays

  1. Thanks for the mention Brian. The brownbags are fantastic and I’m sure they’re even more fun when you’re involved. Good luck with the VCAP if you decide to go for it!

  2. Thanks Ed! I love the content on your site and am looking forward to more notes as you post them. Keep up the great work for the community!

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