Welcome back!

Wow… I’m back from the blogging black hole.  Nothing posted since last October, but so much has happened.  It’s probably fitting for me to start afresh.  I recently relocated to Cary, NC from the DC metropolitan area and started working for consulting company in Raleigh, NC.  I was hired as a Sr. VMware Engineer, giving me the opportunity to hone my skills in the exciting world of data center virtualization.  For the last 15 years of my IT career, I’ve had the opportunity to work my way up through the ranks, spending the last six years managing a data center.  I’ve designed and implemented physical and virtual infrastructures, storage, backup and DR solutions, Windows and Linux environments, Active Directory, Exchange, Citrix,… I’ve worked closely with the network and security teams to provide the right solutions for the increasing demands of our customers.  I even had to learn the lingo and philosophy of ITIL in my attempt to better manage the day to day network operations.  I’ve touched all parts of the infrastructure stack, but have had little time or resources to dive really deep.  In this position I hope to change that.  New home, new job, new opportunities for growth, all make for an exciting adventure.  I’m ready to go!


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